Relive Everyday – CBD Oil: 30mg – 4oz – Watermelon

RE-LIVE CBD Tincture – Level 3
Relive Everyday - CBD Oil: 30mg - 4oz - Watermelon
RE-LIVE CBD Tincture – Level 3

Relive Everyday – CBD Oil: 30mg – 4oz – Watermelon


Bigger is better! Now there’s no need to wait for your next order or pile up individual bottles. The Level 3 4oz Watermelon tincture offers 4 times as much as Relive’s standard Level 3 1oz tinctures and does so at a great price!

Flavor: Watermelon
Strength: 7200mg
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RE-LIVE CBD Tincture – Level 3

Beneficial Hemp CBD Tincture + Nutritional MCT Oil

Relive Everyday’s staple line – RE-LIVE – is all about giving YOU the opportunity to have your best day, every day! Some days life just seems effortless, and other days you certainly don’t want to relive – so isn’t the goal for you to minimize those days as much as possible?  Well, now you can! Whether you’re just starting your health and wellness journey or you’re an aged veteran – anyone can have better days when they add what their bodies need to mix!

Re-Live Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract Tinctures are created using high quality, USA Grown Industrial Hemp, natural hemp seed oil, coconut oil, and natural essential oils. This product contains phytocannabinoids, said to link with our bodies’ endogenous Endocannabinoid System (ECS) receptors located throughout our central nervous and immune systems. The fascinating purpose of the ECS is to restore balance and maintain health inside the body, even if your external environment is constantly changing!

  • Diabetic and Keto Diet Friendly
  • 100% Natural
  • Non-GMO
  • Grown, harvested, and made in the USA
  • Vegan
  • Non-psychotropic
  • Formulated for Everyday Use



Premium Hemp Seed Oil, Proprietary Blend Hemp Extract, (MCT) Fractionated Coconut Oil, Natural Watermelon Extracts, Stevia Extract

Contains: Coconut

Lab Results: D0119BJ2

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Relive Everyday






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