Elixinol – CBD Hemp Balm: 125mg – 4oz

Elixinol - CBD Hemp Balm: 125mg - 4oz

Elixinol – CBD Hemp Balm: 125mg – 4oz


Elixinol™ CBD Hemp Balms are designed for ultimate moisture protection to soothe and rejuvenate the skin. Made from all-natural ingredients and free from any synthetic chemicals, our effective custom-formulated topical CBD blend gives dry, irritated and aging skin nourishment for new vibrancy.

Strength: 125mg


This topical CBD skin balm soothes and helps rejuvenate skin. Made from natural products, our Hemp Balm is formulated for moisture-barrier protection.

Perk up dry, irritated and aging skin. Hemp balm promotes skin vibrancy and a more youthful look. The powerful ingredient terpene nerolidol, contributes to the entourage effect by boosting the effectiveness of the product. Your skin is the largest organ, with delicate nerve endings, sweat glands and other defense mechanisms that protect you from the elements. Outside, your skin is exposed to varying heat and cold, harmful microbes and harsh elements. Drug store topical ointments, creams or balms contain chemical ingredients.

Naturally soothing and a fantastic skin moisturizer, Hemp Balm promotes healthy skin. Our custom-formulated topical CBD blend gives dry, irritated and aging skin a new vibrancy.

  • Supercritical C02-extracted, full-spectrum hemp oil
  • Entirely plant-based formula
  • Completely free of synthetic chemicals
  • Excellent skin penetration
  • Formulated with synergistic extracts to enhance CBD’s effects
  • Pleasant natural scent
  • Appropriate for all skin types

Lab Results: 420405| 846019 | 794015 | 984206

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